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  • Dierks Bentley and Jack Ingram Bud Light Hotel

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Dierks and Jack

    A downtown Dallas hotel will be renamed the Bud Light Hotel next weekend to celebrate this Sunday's Super Bowl. Dierks Bentley and Jack Ingram have signed on to perform at the Bud Light Hotel Sunday night just prior to the big game. If you can't make it to Dallas, you can watch a live stream of the show at

  • Luke Bryan wants you in Florida!

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    LUke Bryan FL

    Luke Bryan is teaming up with CMT to give one lucky winner a spring break getaway to Panama City, Florida for seven days and seven nights. The trip will coincide with Luke's previously announced Spring Break shows at Spinnaker's on March 8th and 9th. The prize includes hotel accommodations in Panama City from March 5th to the 12th. Check out for details on how to enter.  Sa-Weet!  I don't know about you but I could use a break from cold and snow!

  • Stupid people doing stupid things

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Admit it...we've all done something stupid that we cringe at everytime someone remembers.  Thanks to this video we can see other people who've been caught doing stupid things.  The dumbest thing I think I ever did was in High school - an upper classman was waving to me (she knew my older sister) and trying to look cool and impressive infront of my peers I waved back while not watching where I was going and ran into the glass doors....duh!  Freshman! 

  • Eddie Montgomery is cancer free!

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Eddie Montgomery Eddie Montgomery is cancer-free after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer last month. His doctor Thomas Kirk Slabuaghm, JR tells, "His cancer was completely excised, and he will not require further treatment for his prostate cancer in the future." The doctor adds, "Mr. Montgomery has benefited greatly from early detection of prostate cancer with PSA screening." Montgomery Gentry will be back on the road next month, with a February 16th show in Fairbanks, Alaska on February 16th. They're currently on a USO tour in South Korea and Japan.

  • Tim McGraw Silver contest

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins


    Tim McGraw's new fragrance, Silver, is now in stores, and he's introducing an exclusive belt buckle to go along with the cologne's debut. The silver buckle features a black guitar pick set in the middle surrounded by clear stones and a rope-patterned edge. Tim is giving fans a chance to win the buckle at through February 11th. A dollar will be donated to Tim's Neighbor's Keeper foundation for every contest entry

  • Sara Evans 2nd book out

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Sara Evans is back with her second novel, Softly & Tenderly. The new story picks up where her last book, The Sweet By and By, left off, with the lead character Jade discovering her husband Maxs has an illegitimate child. (Ouch!) As a result of this revelation, she heads back to her parents' home and begins to lean on God for help in the process. Of note, fans who buy Sara's new book, Softly & Tenderly, will get a free download of The Sweet By and By.  Sweet.  I may have to check out the second book now! Excited!

  • Country Strong

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Country Strong has been in theaters for a few weeks now - and the burning question is...did you see it and what did you think?  Critics say that Gwyneth does a heck of a job portraying an over the hill recovering addict trying to make a come back and Tim does an excellent job playing the role of husband and mangager.  The characters all have their screw ups - just like real life with attractions, faithfullness, lies and triumphs.  Country Weekly stated that "the movie has a few holes that the music industry insiders will cringe at" but for the most part...the movie stays true to what it's really like in Nashville

    Country playing in Mt. Iron and Grand Rapids

  • Can't get off the couch but need another beer? There's an app for that

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    From the Sun

    When you need a beer and you just can't muster up the energy to get off the's Ryan Rusnak to the rescue!  He's got an iphone app controlled robot to get the job done. 

    The inventor of an iPhone-controlled fridge which shoots cans of beer across a room from a CANNON has been hailed as the creator of the 'greatest ever bloke's toy'.

    Ryan Rusnak, 25, created the 'Beer Bot' after deciding to make his own beer vending machine — meaning he never has to leave his seat again when he fancies a cold beverage.

    The first version of his robo beer butler was a basic vending machine which dropped chilled beers from the fridge into a tray below.

    But Ryan, from Tyson's Corner, Virginia, US, wasn't satisfied with a simple beer vendor, and after talking with co-creator Graham Phero, decided to add a compressed air cannon.

    Ryan said: "My buddy Graham said, 'how can we throw the beers to us?'

    "What about an arm or a cannon?"

    The friends settled on an air-powered cannon, which led to a lot of experimenting with different air pressures.

    Ryan said: "It was kind of famous last words: 'how much pressure should we use?'

    "The first attempt smashed the can into the roof, and blew it into a thousand pieces."

    Users log into the fridge via a dedicated web server, using an app developed by Ryan's friend Josh Lilly.

    They choose from a selection of beers, before using a webcam installed in the front of the perspex-panelled fridge to aim the cannon and send a cold can of beer hurtling across the room towards them

    The fridge even has its own social network profiles, tweeting whenever a beer is fired and sending a notification e-mail to its creator.

    Ryan said: "All the tinkering and everything took about three months to get it absolutely right."

    He added that, after the trial and error of creating the original £250 device, making 'Beer Bot' Mark II would be a much quicker affair.

    He said: "Knowing what I know now I could probably build one in a weekend.

    "I'd also make it smaller, more efficient and cheaper, I could do it for about £190."

    The key component of the fridge is an iobridge micro-controller — a device which allows the fridge to link to Ryan's iPhone via the web.

    Government tech consultant Ryan, a Virginia Tech University graduate, has received so much attention since posting videos of the Beer Bot online that the CEO of the micro-controller company took him out to lunch.

    He said: "It's been crazy. I've had tons of people calling me asking to use the videos on news programmes."

    He said that he plans to celebrate the popularity of the fridge by throwing a party and allowing web users to log into the fridge.

    Ryan said: "The cool part of the micro controller is that, in theory, anyone could log in and control the fridge.

    "Our next big idea is throwing a party, people could log in and throw cans of beer at us."

    He added that, currently, the server is password-protected, and he only turns the cannon on when he wants to use it himself.

    "It really is the ultimate boys' toy."