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  • A Soccer Player Scored a Goal . . . Then Punched His Teammate?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"


    On Sunday, a soccer player in Italy scored a goal, then ran over to his teammate . . . and punched him in the face.  From watching the video, it's not clear if the punch actually landed, if it was an accident, or if it was staged.

  • Here's Proof That Dogs Don't Need To Wear Sneakers

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    People dress their dogs up all the time, but putting SHOES on a dog is slightly worse, and here's why:  There's a new video online of a little dog wearing tiny high tops on all four feet, and you can tell he hates it.

    --Then halfway through, he walks across the room . . . and I dare you not to laugh.  If you're a fan of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", it'll remind you of Charlie's "Kitten Mittens" commercial.

     (He starts walking at :42.)


  • Some Guy Fell Down the Bleachers at a Football Stadium While Dancing to Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    This video might have been set up, but last weekend the band Bachman-Turner Overdrive performed at halftime during the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup, which is like the Canadian Super Bowl.

     --And during rehearsal, some guy with a push broom danced around like crazy in the empty stands . . . then lost his balance and tumbled down the stairs. 

    (He falls at 1:18.)

  • The Seinfeld Lawyer is Back!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    On "Seinfeld", Kramer always went to that JOHNNIE COCHRAN-type lawyer named Jackie Chiles . . . and the guy who played him has revived the character for a series of videos on

     --In the newest one, he says PRESIDENT OBAMA used to work for him as a paralegal.

  • Little Kid Falls Out of Stands at Football Game

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    During Friday's football game between UCLA and Arizona State, a little kid fell out of the stands and landed on the ground behind one of the end zones.  He fell about ten feet, but according to the Associated Press, he wasn't seriously injured.

  • What is this chick on?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    There's a video on YouTube of a girl dancing like she's at a rave . . . which would make sense if she wasn't face-down in the shallow end of a pool, and wearing a bikini.

    --She starts out lying at the edge of the pool flopping around.  Then she eventually stands up and goes nuts.  (She stands up at 1:25.)

  • Here's What Was Served at the Unhealthiest Thanksgiving in History!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    If you thought YOUR Thanksgiving was unhealthy, check this out:  You've probably heard of a "Turducken," which is a chicken . . . in a duck . . . in a turkey.  But some guy who obviously cares NOTHING about his health did it with FIVE birds.

    He put a quail inside a Cornish game hen, inside a chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey.  Then he wrapped it in bacon and put the whole thing inside a PIG.  In the end, they calculated that it had over 79,000 calories and 6,900 grams of fat.

  • Straight Thuggin' in the NFL

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    You don't see many real fights in football because of all the safety gear.  But in yesterday's game between the Titans and the Texans, defensive back CORTLAND FINNEGAN and wide receiver ANDRE JOHNSON got into a pretty major brawl.

    --They ripped each other's helmets off, then Johnson landed a hard right hook to the side of Finnegan's head.

    (See the replay at :43.)

  • She's first in line!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    And you thought you'd be first in line for the big Black Friday sales....think again!  Watch as people walk in and out of the store past her shanytown...

  • The Green Lantern Trailer

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Comic book nerds unite- the Green Lantern trailer is here!

    I don't like Ryan Reynolds- not one bit, but I will still see this movie, because the Green Lantern is AWESOME.

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Belding

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Happy 60th Birthday Dennis Haskins (Mr. Frickin' Belding on "Saved By The Bell".)  (--You may not have known this, but Dennis Haskins is a KARAOKE SUPERSTAR!!!  Check out his mic supremacy . . .)

    The sad part is this bimbo doing the MC work at the karaoke bar doesn't even know who Mr. Belding is for the big introduction!