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  • Ted Williams Move Over!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Just because the homeless guy from Ohio has a great radio voice, it's not like ALL homeless people have hidden talents.  Anyway, comedian Smooth-E made a parody about it on YouTube called "America's Top Homeless".

  • We're Going Streaki- OUCH!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    There are tons of videos of people streaking online . . . but this might be a first.  A guy tried to run naked across a tennis court while two people were playing . . .

  • Free Days At National Parks!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    The National Park Service will waive admission fees on 17 selected dates throughout the year. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that first free dates will be this three-day weekend around Martin Luther King Junior Day. Find the other free days at the 394 national parks throughout the country at

  • Two Men Get In a Drunken Fight That Ends When One Guy Bites the Other Guy's Genitalia

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    It's all fun and games until someone gets bit in the scrotum.  In Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, 27-year-old Nicholas Sworen and a 32-year-old man were drinking at the man's house . . . and ended up getting into a drunken brawl.

    --The brawl ended after Nicholas hit the man in the head with a beer bottle . . . and then clamped his teeth down on the guy's package.  Nicholas was arrested for simple assault . . . police didn't say if the other man was hospitalized.

  • The Dentist Made Less Horrible By Science!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Scientists Have Invented a Device That Will Make Your Trips To the Dentist Less Horrible . . . By Blocking Out the Sound of the Drill

    Here's a pretty brilliant invention by some scientists in England.  With their invention, trips to the dentist might NOT be the most awful thing in the world anymore.  They'll still be awful, just not the MOST awful thing in the world.

    --The team has invented a special chip that attaches to the earphones on your iPod . . . and blocks the sound of the drill.

    --The chip works like noise-cancelling headphones.

    --It's designed to only filter out the sound waves that match the drill . . . so you can still hear your music, hear the dentist talking, hear the suction thing they jam in your mouth . . . just not the drilling sound.

    --Dr. Mark Atherton of Brunel University was one of the developers.  He says, quote, "The dental drill noise is so distinctive that the brain recognizes it and people hear it [and have] anxiety.  They dread it."  This chip will help people overcome that fear.

    --The chip is in prototype form right now, but Atherton says that when it's ready to go to market, it will be cheap enough that all dentists will be able to easily afford it for their offices.

  • No spare tire? Use a tree branch!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    There's a guy in Europe who must have just gotten the box set of "MacGyver" for Christmas.  One of the wheels on his trailer was missing, so he jammed a big tree branch underneath and drove down the highway.