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  • Soldier's Surprise Family Reunion

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    A soldier from St. Louis, Missouri returned home after an 11-month tour in Afghanistan, and surprised his kids by strolling onto the court at his daughter's basketball game.  Obviously, it was an emotional reunion.

  • Check Out Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel in 1994 Discussing a New Phenomenon Called "Internet"

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    You'd be hard-pressed to find somebody in America today who hasn't heard of the Internet.  But in 1994, almost no one knew what it was, including KATIE COURIC and BRYANT GUMBEL.
    Someone on YouTube posted footage of them discussing the Internet on the "Today" show in 1994, and they had absolutely NO IDEA what they were talking about.  At one point, Bryant Gumbel said, quote, "Do you write to it, like mail?"

  • Typical Packer Fan...Tormenting His Little Girl.

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    After the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, a guy posted a YouTube video of his little daughter sobbing about it
    And according to his YouTube post, she's never shown any interest in football, and he's a Packers fan.  So for whatever reason, she just wanted the Bears to win.

    The best line is when her dad interrupts her and says, quote, "Maybe the Bears can win next year." Then the girl says, "No," and her dad says, "No, you're probably right."

  • A Guy Tried to Rob a Convenience Store . . . But Sprinted Out the Door When the Clerk Pulled a Samua

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    A man in South Carolina who's connected to at least 14 convenience store robberies in the past year has finally been arrested.  And the video of his last robbery attempt is outstanding.
    The guy told the clerk he had a gun, then the clerk pulled out a SAMURAI SWORD.  The robber immediately ran the other direction.  But the clerk chased him out the door with the sword, and police eventually found the guy hiding in some bushes.

  • The REAL Highlight's From last Night's Game

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    New York Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ had good moments and bad moments in last night's 24-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    --But his NASTIEST moment came in the first quarter, when he got caught on camera wiping a booger on backup quarterback MARK BRUNELL'S chest.

    Then on one of the last plays of the game, Steelers quarterback BEN ROETHLISBERGER fell on the football . . . and for some reason, his running back RASHARD MENDENHALL briefly started humping him.

  • Have you done your facial workouts yet today?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Have you seen the face workout videos on YouTube?  They're from the 80's, and some chick with big hair explains that you can avoid plastic surgery by doing some simple breathing and facial exercises.  And when she does them, she looks possessed.

  • Did She Audtition for Idol?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Here's the next YouTube sensation!  Or maybe not.  It's a woman with two teeth, two chins, and absolutely NO singing voice posting karaoke-style videos.  And one of the best so far is her rendition of "You May Be Right" by BILLY JOEL.

  • 10 foot tall drunk Muppet!!!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    The best thing about street fairs is that you can drink . . . outside . . . in the street.  And in Ireland, nothing says 'street fair' like a scary ten-foot-tall puppet walking around acting hammered.
    --That's what a guy did recently in the Irish town of Dromore.  If you don't believe me, check it out on YouTube. 
    --The puppet looks like a taller version of Statler and Waldorf, the old hecklers from "The Muppet Show".  Except with a severe drinking problem.

  • Hey Nascar fans, how about no left turns anywhere?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Keep this story in mind if you want to make a NASCAR fan's head explode.  According to researchers at North Carolina State University, maybe all LEFT TURNS should be illegal.

     --Basically, when you make a left turn, you're taking a HUGE risk.  The only thing that separates you from having someone t-bone you is the faith that they're following the speed limit or that they don't run a red light.

     --The team at NCSU says that something called "superstreets" are much safer.  (--You might also know them as "Michigan lefts.")

     --Basically, when you approach an intersection, your ONLY choice is to make a right turn.  Then, if you wanted to go left or straight, you do a quick U-turn in a specially-designed turning lane.

    --The statistics don't lie . . . in tests, the superstreets reduced people's travel time by 20% and caused 46% fewer accidents.  Most importantly, they caused 63% fewer accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths.

    --Of course, all of our roads aren't going to get ripped up and turned into superstreets anytime soon.  For now, it's all just theory...but check out this diagram of how it works.

  • All Four Members of a Band Played One Guitar . . . at the Same Time

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Here's something you've probably never seen before:  The indie band LITTLE COMETS has a song called "One Night In October", and they posted a video of all four band members playing the song on one guitar . . . at the same time.

    --The bassist plays the two lowest strings on the guitar, the two guitar players play the other four strings, and the drummer pounds his hands on the front.  And somehow, it actually sounds pretty good.