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  • Look Who's Walking!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who suffered the break seen around the world...which I would never want to see again.  Instead, how about a feel good pic of him up and moving!

  • Happy Easter...OH THE HORROR!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Thank you to the parent who subjected their children to this terror (and then posted it for all to enjoy!)

  • Wookie Banjo Metal Players in Singlets Unite!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    "There's nothing good on TV..."

    I say that all the time.  But that's because I don't live in Estonia- where Estonian TV airs a competition show similar to America’s Got Talent.  I don't know how to describe what you are about to watch...just watch it, and be changed forever.

  • A game for the bachelor pad!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Single men only...wives and girlfriends will most likely not appreciate the finer points of this competition.  

  • Dorito's Goes All Snack Food "Inception" On Us!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    And the snake eats its own taco-flavored tail.

    So first they make the Dorito.  Then it's a taco flavored like a Dorito?  Now it's a Dorito that tastes like a taco that tastes like a Dorito?  How Shakespearean of the folks at Pepsico.  The new chip supposedly mimics the flavor of the Taco Bell snack and will be available in the Original and the Cool Ranch version of the Doritos Locos Taco.

  • Beat the rush hour traffic- with your own fake ambulance!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    The Ultra-Rich in Russia have found a way to beat the system.

    According to a story in Canada's National Post, cops in Moscow have been ordered to inspect ambulances after learning that VIP commuters are riding around in "ambulance taxis" that cost as much as $200 per hour.

    These aren't just ordinary ambulances, either. They've been cleverly fitted with fancy and luxurious interiors so their passengers can eat caviar and sip champagne while they blow through traffic with lights and sirens blazing.  

    What's that?  A Maserati ambulance?  Nope, nothing suspicious here officer.

  • 115 pound woman versus 7 pound burrito. I think I'm in love.

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    This is Molly Schuyler, former Duluth resident, taking on the 7-pound burrito challenge at Pizza World in Los Angeles on March 18, 2013.  
    One person has 30 minutes to finish this $24.99 burrito. Winners get the meal free, their picture on the Wall of Fame, a $10 Pizza World gift certificate, and an "Ultimate Burrito Destroyer Challenge" T-shirt.

    The previous record was roughly 7 minutes...notice her time at the end.  

    I think I'm in love...


  • The $1,000 Easter Egg- Yes, please.

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"



    This is what $1,000 worth of dark, milk and white chocolates along with marzipan flowers, ladybugs, and Angry Birds looks like.   Sugar and Plumm a bistro in NYC, has concoced this 3-foot tall, 22 pound decadent centerpiece of chocolate goodness for your Easter celebration.  What's inside? Nothing, but what do you expect for a lousy one grand? If you really wanted to be baller you would have bought Serendipity's $25,000 Frrrozen [sic] Haute Chocolate.