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  • The Future is NOW Bob Dylan!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    MN pride!  Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" has gone high-tech!  Go to Bob Dylan TV and check out the interactive channels.  No mater which station you choose, and there are many, they are all singing along.  From kids show to reality to BBC news to game show to Bobby himself in concert.  Hey, it's not country music, but Bob's from our country, so I say this belongs here!

    Here is the video!

    By Paparazzo Presents (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons 

  • It All Makes Sense Now...

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Simpson's fans will recognize a few of the names in this Marge is from Chisholm?  Does that explain the Simpson's grafiti in one Virginia bar men's room?  (You know which one I'm talking about) Did Matt Groening draw those on a visit to his mom's stomping grounds?

  • Please Tell Me This Isn't Real...

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Tell me this is fake.  Tell me this isn't really happening.  If it's real, and it catches on...that's it- I am done.

  • They totally get it!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    This florist knows his target demographic quite well...

  • Never thought I'd say this...I Just became a Brewer's fan!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Hey Target Field, when can we get one of these at a Twins game?

    O'Davey's in Fon du Lac is selling these. It includes popcorn, bacon, peanuts, beans, sausage, pretzel, sliders, a pickle, a cracker, a cheese curd and a rally flag.  I just became a Brewer's fan!

  • Slice and Dice a Watermelon in 21 Seconds! (If you dare...with video)

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Matt Jones' ability to slice a watermelon in 21 seconds has won him an online following

    He is a certified Fruit Ninja...Matt Jones can dissect a watermelon in 21 seconds.  His tip for cutting at speed – "Look exactly where you want the knife to go.  It’s like racing cars. When you’re racing cars you just look where you want the car to go."

    Please do not try this (at this speed) at home...but if you do, please share that (BLOOD FREE) video with me.

  • You Just Became a Multi-Millionaire- and You're Wearing WHAT?

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    Meet Ezekiel Ansah- the 5th overall pick in the NFL draft.  Clearly a perfect pick for the much maligned Detroit Lions...notice his choice of "accessories" for draft day...

    Yep- movie theater 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.  Classy, even by Detroit standards!

  • My Vacation Plans For Next Year- BACONFEST!

    Posted by Justin "The Big Deal"

    How did I miss this- two of my favorite things BACON and the city of Chicago!

    Have you ever heard of Baconfest?  Celebrating everything bacon from dinners and desserts to poems and cocktails.  There are Baconfests held all over the country but the three biggest are held in Chicago, San Fransisco and Washington D.C. 

    Some of the highlights from Chicago's Baconfest last Saturday included the Baco which will is served at the stadium of the minor league baseball team, West Michigan Whitecaps. Road trip anyone?

    Everything's Better With Bacon


    Some other noteable bacon mentions include bacon and egg ice cream cones, bacon margaritas, bacon "Elvis Presley" cocktail, bacon roses, nachos with bacon chips and bacon lollipops.

    You can find out more about Baconfest here.